Round Up For Storybridge
January 1, 2021

Each quarter, Aunt EEk's chooses a non-profit that enhances the lives of children and families in the Texas Panhandle. All in-store customers will be asked if they would like to RoundUp to the next dollar amount. The change collected from each sale is deposited into an account and at the end of the quarter is donated, along with a percentage of all Aunt EEk's in-store sales, to that non-profit!

1st Quarter Non-Profit

Storybridge is a grass-roots effort to change the story for our local kids by investing in their access to literacy as early as possible.

The model is simple:

At Storybridge, we believe that:

  1. EDUCATION is the only viable bridge out of poverty.
  2. LITERACY is the vein through which all education is delivered and the ultimate equalizer.
  3. TOGETHER we can and must get books into their homes and into their hands - as many as we can and at the earliest possible opportunity!
  4. When we do, we make early literacy accessible, we make school easier from the beginning, we throw a wrench in the cycle of poverty, and WE CAN CHANGE THE STORY for thousands of our children.

To learn more about Storybridge, please follow the link below

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